Iguana Webinar Series: 'Did You Know?' | Part 4 - Iguana Best Practices

Originally presented on February 2nd, 2022.

By Regaah Ragunathan, Technical Support Engineer

Webinar Series - Part 4

Overview: Iguana Best Practices

In the final session of our four-part Iguana ‘Did You Know?’ webinar series, we explored top support inquiries and frequently asked questions regarding Iguana configurations, administration and deployment for optimizing the Iguana go-live and post production while also maintaining a fast and reliable interface.

Listen to iNTERFACEWARE’s own Technical Support Engineer, Regaah Ragunathan, as she outlines how to:

  • Explore Iguana’s full capabilities to find the most suitable way to install, configure, and maintain Iguana based on your needs
  • Learn and apply Iguana deployment best practices to improve your overall Iguana performance and security
  • Deep dive on the top support inquires and FAQ to help you solve your issues faster with minimal effort

Note: This live webinar was originally presented on February 2nd, 2022.

Webinar Resources

Download the complete set of webinar slides here:


Questions & Answers

Are you able to build an Iguana, and then use those config files as a "template" on a new install, so that you always start with a default install (i.e. Users, Roles, Monitoring, etc.)?

Good question! For sure, you can setup a clean Iguana with users, roles and other settings. All these configs will be saved in the IguanaMainRepo and you can use this repo as your template. Simply add it to the working directory when you build the new instance.

Is it possible to extract channels from corrupted iguana installation that cannot be started? (For example - post ransomware attack).

When an Iguana gets corrupted, the only the IguanaConfigurationRepo get corrupted and IguanaMainRepo will be clean. You can rebuild Iguana using the IguanaMainRepo and your channels will be safe. Alternatively, you can export your channels to a repository to securely save them. More on this later in the Webinar.

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