How to Sell the Value of Integration Internally

For those not intimately familiar with integration in healthcare, they often undervalue it.

In fact, the value of integration differs depending upon the stakeholder, whether they are executive, financial, clinical or members of IT.


Selling Interoperability within Your Organization Just Got Easier

  • Understanding how to sell to the various stakeholders within your orgnazation
  • Understanding the niche ways to sell to your IT team, Management Team and other stakeholders
  • Understanding how interoperability will enhance your business and streamline your processes

Identify the Stakeholder to Engage

When healthcare integration is working as intended, its impact is essentially unseen. Only when something goes wrong is the value of integration noticed, and at that point, it’s in a negative light. The ROI of integration isn’t always apparent either.

It’s not as straightforward as other IT investments since integration often extends the functionality of other information systems, makes existing workflows more efficient and gives organizations the insight required to make informed decisions. Its value is not linear. Further complicating things: The fact that the value of integration is different depending on the stakeholder.

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