HL7 FHIR: Pros and Cons of Using REST APIs for Exchanging Data in Healthcare

A 26% increase in clinician productivity. Nearly $1,000,000 saved annually. An 8% drop in blood pressure in just 30 days.

With numbers like these, it is easy to understand why there is so much excitement surrounding FHIR.


APIs can transform your Healthcare Data Ecosystem

  • Reducing hospital admissions
  • Delivering high quality of care
  • Saving valuable time of clinicians
  • Only get the information you really need at the right time



Improving hospital workflows and communications

When done right, APIs can transform healthcare

Private APIs can help bridge the multitude of systems used in hospitals today. For example, FHIR could enable various systems from within one hospital to access the same patient record in a vendor-neutral archive.

APIs can also make it much easier to share data between internal hospitals systems; allowing nurses to spend more time with patients instead of paperwork.

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